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I am not a meteorite dealer but occasionally I need to sell or exchange something from my private collection in order to get another specimen. At this webpage you can see the list of meteorites that I am going to trade. There are also suggested prices but I do snot reject negotiations.

Do you like any of my specimens?
Do you want to buy it or exchange for another one?

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I am a member of the Polish Meteorite Association (ID #197) and I assure you that I offer only authentic meteorites. The identification card is attached to each specimen.

Shipment cost: 5 $ (registered priority letter) or 11 $ (GLOBAL Expres)
Delivery time: 7 – 28 days (depends on specific localization)

I accept payments through PayPal system.


Bilanga (DIO) • $19

Weight: 0.26 g
Date of fall: 27 October 1999
Localization: Burkina Faso
TKW: 25 kg

Observed fall from Burkina Faso. It belongs to the HED group – meteorites coming from the Asteroid 4 Vesta.

Canyon Diablo (IAB-MG) • $155

Weight: 114.18 g
Year found: 1891
Localization: Meteor Crater, Arizona, USA
TKW: 30 t

Well known meteorite from the no less known crater. 🙂

Desert meteorites

Dhofar 007 (EUC-cm) • $80

Weight: 2.7 g
Year found: 1999
Localization: Oman
TKW: 21.27 kg

One of the most beautiful and popular eucrites. Ultrathin full slice with a fairly big surface, showing fantastic texture …

NWA 5000 (lunar feldsp. br.) • $110

Weight: 0.638 g
Year found: 2007
Localization: Morocco
TKW: 11.53 kg

You can have a beautiful, fresh meteorite from the Moon at home! This fragment has certificate of authenticity from Adam C. Hupé – main mass owner.

NWA 11344 (L3-4) • $32

Weight: 6.46 g
Find: 2016
Localization: Sahara
TKW: 7.25 kg

NWA 11038 (L3) • $47

Weight: 13.38 g
Find: 2016
Localization: Morocco
TKW: 2200 g

NWA 7464 (DIO) • $38

Weight: 0.56 g
Find: 2012
Localization: Sahara
TKW: 2.26 kg

Very similar to Johnstown meteorite but much cheaper.


Suevit • $10

Weight: 8 g
Localization: Nördlinger Ries Crater, Deutschland